On-screen Ruler

On-screen Ruler

On-screen Ruler provides you with a semi-transparent ruler on your screen
Check the report.
  • Option for the Stay On Top.
    I've downloaded and installed the application, but there is no on-top feature provided by the software. The options menu doesn't give anything about this option. The developers don't provide anything on their website as well, therefore the software lacks this option. Use the following alternative called Ruler that has on top feature. I've tested and can confirm that it supports this option.Download: http://ruler.codeplex.com/releases/view/3554


This lightweight, free, semi-transparent ruler began as a simple project to teach a child about computers, usability and the software development process. However, once John released a version with shortcuts, it quickly evolved into a tool used by thousands of people worldwide, and has been translated into several languages by an enthusiastic user community.

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